Clark Mullan

Captain of the Palomino.


Agi d8 Str d6 Vit d6 Ale d10 Int d8 Wil d6

  • Initiatve – d8 + d10
  • Life Points – d12

Traits – Born Behind the Wheel [m], Dead Broke [m], Things Don’t Go Smooth [m], Military Rank (Veteran) [m]

Skills – Covert d6/streetwise d8, Discipline d6/leadership d10, Guns d6, Mechanical Engineering d6/mechanical repairs d8, Perception d6/sight d8, Pilot d6/Astrogation d8/Mid-bulk transports d8, Technical Engineering d6/communications systems d8/electronics d8


Clark Mullan is captain of Palomino, a bulk resource hauler that plies the New Canaan run. Contracted to fly a load of rock salt out of Downriver, he and his ship were grounded when the SNS quarantine was declared. His employer refused to spring for the cost of an exit visa, and so he and his crew are cooling their heels in town until they find another way to receive travel clearance.

Mullan is fairly sanguine about the whole ordeal – he’s been around the ‘Verse a few times, and he’s more concerned with keeping his unruly crew members from getting slapped with indentures and shipped to the salt mines than he is about getting offworld. When it happens, it happens.

Clark Mullan

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