Bracken Carter

Aspiring Railroad Baron. Without the rails.


Agi – d8 Str – d8 Vit – d8 Ale – d6 Int – d8 Wil – d8

  • Initiative – d8 + d8
  • Life Points – 16

Traits – Friends in High Places (m), Good Name (m), Leadership (m), Moneyed Individual (M), Memorable (m), Overconfident (m)

Skills – Animal Handling d6/riding d8, Athletics d6/racquetball d8, Guns d6, Influence d6/administration d8/bureaucracy d8/leadership d8, Knowledge d6, Medical expertise d2, Mechanical Engineering d6/vehicle design d12, Perception d6, Planetary Vehicles d6/cars d6/Hovercraft d8/Hovertrains d10, Technical Engineering d6, Unarmed combat d4


Bracken Carter is a man with both a dream and a plan. The scion of a wealthy Core family with deep roots in the aristocracy, he yearned to make something of himself, to build something that stood on its own merit. SkyTrain is the result – a transportation conglomerate Carter hopes will race across the moons of the border and rim on a winding ribbon of track and a cushion of air.

Bracken Carter

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