Baron Donald Stratton

A Highgate plantation owner


Ale: d10 Int: d12 Wil: d12 Agi: d8 Str: d10 Vit: d6

  • Life Points: 18
  • Initiative: d10 + d8

Traits: Friends in High Places, Friends in Low Places, Intimidatin’ Manner, Branded (major), Chip On the Shoulder (major), Greedy, Crude, Overconfident, Ugly as Sin (minor)

Skills: Influence d6/Negotiation d12+d4/Intimidation d12+d4/business d12+d2, Covert d6/Streetwise d12, Perception d6/Black Market Trends d12/Financial Trends d12, Melee Combat d6/Swords d10


Stratton came up the hard way on Bernadette and bought his way into the nobility. His knack for exploiting circumstances for fun and profit has brought him wealth and fame. Well, infamy, really. He’s a corporate raider, monopolist, shameless lobbyist in the halls of Parliament, war profiteer, and most recently, slave-driving plantation owner. His most infamous “acquisition” was his wife Mirina, whom he married in order to gain ownership of a potentially lucrative strain of genetically modified bamboo. His well-publicized philandering after the marriage showed it for the sham it was.

Stratton is every inch the nouveau riche corporate slimeball. He’s a handsome enough fellow, or he would be if his face didn’t bear the marks of an upbringing on the wrong side of the tracks, including a prominent, deep scar running down his left check, which he has tried unsuccessfully to hide with styled whiskers. Don’t go to mentioning it to him though, he’s quick to issue a challenge for the slightest implied insult, and he fights so many duels a list of his fights is posted at corporate headquarters.

Baron Donald Stratton

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