Avery Braddock

Streetwise terraformer.


Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d10 Int d8 Wil d6

  • Initiative – d6 + d10
  • Life Points – 14

Assets – Heavy Tolerance (Minor), Sweet and Cheerful (Minor), Friends in Low Places (Minor), Military Rank (Minor), Forked Tongue (Minor), Filcher (Minor)

Skills – Athletics d2, Covert d6/camouflage d8, Craft d4, Influence d6/administration d8/barter d8/streetwise d10, Mechanical Engineering d4, Medical Expertise d4, Melee Weapon Combat d2, Perception d6, Planetary Vehicles d6, Scientific Expertise d4, Survival d2, Technical Engineering d6/demolitions d8/technical repair d8, Unarmed Combat d4.


Avery Braddock is a veteran of the Unification War who found work as a terraformer after things quieted down some. That is to say, as an Independent veteran with few job prospects, it was the only gig she could find.

She found that many of her skills learned in the military as a sapper were easily translated to terraforming work.

Braddock now works at Base 21 on Rubicon. She’s Management, not Labour. She also takes a somewhat entrepreneurial approach to her posting.

Avery Braddock

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