Austin Greene

Contract Assayer. Also an ass.


Agi – d8 Str – d8 Vit – d6 Ale – d10 Int – d10 *Wil * – d8

  • Initiative: d8 + d10
  • Life Points: 14

Traits – Things Go Smooth (m), Greedy (m), Forked Tongue (m), Prejudiced (women) (m)

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d10/running d10, Knowledge d6/accounting d10/commodities trends d10, Influence d6/fast talk d10, Perception d6/search d8/sight d10, Scientific Expertise d6/assaying d10/chemistry d8/geology d10, Unarmed Combat d4


Ask Austin Greene how he ended up on Dukkha and he’ll tell you: he followed the trail of bankrupt prospectors right to the mother lode. See, carbonado diamonds look a lot like worthless chunks of carbon until they are cut and polished, so it takes a keen eye to distinguish between the two.

He got hired by the Girl’s Best Friend because they were raking in the rocks and needed someone to keep a sharp eye on the intake.

What Greene won’t tell you is how he manages to keep his dress shirts spotless in the middle of a dirty mining camp.

Austin Greene

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