Armin Kohta

Luxury Space Yacht Otaku. Seriously, it's a thing.


Agi: d6 Str: d6 Vit: d6 Ale: d8 Int: d10 Wil: d8

  • Initiative: d8 + d8
  • Life Points: 14


Leaky Brainpain (minor complication), Lightweight, (minor complication), Ego signature (minor complication), Highly educated (minor asset), Overconfident (minor complication)

Skills: Artistry d6/writing d8, Covert d6/streetwise d10, Influence d6/bureaucracy d8, knowledge d6/celestine law d10, starship design d10/traffic control systems d10, Perception d6/investigation d10/search d8, Technical Engineering d6/CCH operations d10/hacking d10

Gear: Luxury multiband, personal data display, image capture rig


In the hyperreal information age heralded by a vast Cortex communicatins network that links an entire star system together, there are myriad niches of esoterica in which to become completely immersed. Tracing one’s familial lineage back to Earth That Was, for example, is a popular hobby.

But there are those whose pop culture focus is so narrow and so detailed that the rest of the Verse is little more than background noise. These OCD types can be found inhabiting Cortex Community Hubs based around such topics as following a single product through Blue Sun’s entire supply chain, debating the optimum size of shipping containers that pass from the Core to the Border, and counterfactual scenarios that could have changed the outcome of the Unification War.

For a select few, however, becoming an expert on certain classes of starship is a joyous pursuit. ‘Boatwatchers,’ as they are called, memorize everything from pulse beacon signatures to the serial numbers of vital components such as compression coils, and produce hundreds of pages’ worth of online argumentation defending their viewpoints on the Capisson-38 engine. These boat otakus, for whom the idea of actually traveling in space is repulsive, are armchair experts on the workings of some of the ’Verse’s most complex, expensive transports. Drop them in the engine room and they’d bang their head on the first bulkhead they walked into, but ask them anything about the newest prototypes and they will give you an earful.

Armin Kohta is one such boatwatcher. He is a Cortex Community Hub admin based on Osiris, and nothing interests him quite like low-payload, high-complexity luxury yachts, usually owned by the rich and famous. To him, everything else – school, family, work – is an afterthought.

Armin Kohta

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