Alliance Research and Rescue Operatives

Dispassionate disease containment specialists.


Agi – d56 Str – d6 Vit – d6 Ale – d8 Int – d10 Wil – d8

  • Initiative – d6 + d8
  • Life Points – 14

Traits – Memorable (minor), Wears a Badge (Major), Sawbones (minor), Highly Educated (minor), (Loyal – The Alliance) (minor)

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d8, Guns d6/rifles d10, Influence d6/administration d10/leadership d8, Knowledge d6, Medical expertise d6/first aid d12/forensics d10/toxicology d8/virology d8, Perception d6/deduction d8/investigation d8, scientific expertise d6, Technical engineering d6/medical tech d10


Alliance Research and Rescue field operatives are not your average lab techs – many are veterans are drawn from the ranks of the military’s combat medical corps and are as comfortable with a weapon as they are a stethoscope. Their primary role is to enforce quarantines and treat the sick, in that order.

Alliance Research and Rescue Operatives

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