Jack Leland


Agi d8 Str d4 Vit d6 Ale d10 Int d10 Wil d6

  • Life Points – 12
  • Initiative – d8+d10

Traits: Deadly Enemy (Minor Complication), Dull Sense—Taste (Minor Complication), Friends in High Places (Minor Asset), Moneyed Individual(Major Asset), Talented—Covert/Gambling (Major Asset)

Skills: Artistry d4, Covert d6/Gambling d12 + d8, Discipline d4, Guns d6/Pistol d8, Influence d6/ Etiquette d8, Knowledge d2, Perception d6, Scientific Expertise d4. (Gambling skill is modified by the Talented trait.)


Jack Leland is a high roller who was born to play poker. Raised on Osiris by casino-owning parents, Jack could deal blackjack by age nine, and was helping spot cheaters and card counters on the floor of his father’s casino not long after.

After the Lelands’ casino went bust, Jack went to the University of Osiris, his education funded with his poker winnings. He graduated with degrees in accounting and business, and was determined not to make the same mistakes as his parents had. He knew from experience that the House didn’t always win.

Jack spends six months out of the year as one of the Core’s highest high rollers, a regular sight at all the finest casinos on the Core planets, from Pelorum on down. The other half of the year is spent traveling the Black as he takes his high-stakes game to the Border planets.

Jack is in his early forties and is quite handsome, with black skin, melting brown eyes, and a disarming smile. If the smile doesn’t work, he’s got his derringer.

The crew of Shenmue encountered Jack Leland twice on the planet Beaumonde, where he was killing time between scheduled high-stakes games by alternately slumming in the Maidenhead, and taking a scenic tourist train ride on the Beaumonde Ocean Limited. He enjoyed playing cards with aspiring high roller Quinn Matisse.

Jack Leland

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