Major H. C. Mountebank

Superintendant of the Hornsilver Mine


Agi: d6 Str: d8 Vit: d6 Ale: d8 Int: d6 Wil: d8

  • Life Points: 14
  • Initiative: d6+d8
  • Assets: Friends in High Places [Minor]
  • Complications: Prejudice (Miners) [Minor], Portly [Minor]

Skills: Guns d6/Pistol d8/Rifle d8, Influence d4, Knowledge d6/Geology d8

Weapons: Pistol (DMG d6W, RNG 100, ROF 3, MAG 8)


Major H. C. Mountebank is the superintendant of the Hornsilver Mine on Regina. He sports a full, fluffy white beard and takes great pride in its appearance.

A veteran of the Unification War, Mountebank prefers to be addressed as “Major.” He fought for the Alliance and will go on and on about his exploits against the Browncoats, though the precise details seem to change in each telling.

Major H. C. Mountebank

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