Unified Reclamation foreman by day, shady scrap smuggler by night.


AGI – d6 STR – d6 VIT – d6 ALE – d6 INT – d8 WIL – d8

Life points: 14

Initiative: d6 + d6

Traits: Friends in Low Places

Skills: Covert d4, Influence d6/Negotiation d8, Knowledge d4, Mechanical Engineering d6/Mechanical Repairs d10, Perception d6, Unarmed Combat d6


Barnabas “Barnes” Cullen is the foreman on a Mobile Reclamation Platform (MRP), a self-contained salvage and scrapping facility that operates in Unified Reclamation’s Main Yard on Beylix.

On the side, he operates an illegal salvage smuggling ring for clients who wish to avoid UR’s punitive salvage fees.


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