Baron Otello

High Society, Low Morals


Agi d8 Str d4 Vit d6 Ale d8 Int d8 Wil d10

Initiative – d8+d8

Life Points – 16


Friends in High Places (Minor Asset), Highly Educated (Minor Asset), Leadership (Major Asset), Portly (Minor Complication), Friends in Low Places (Minor Complication)


Athletics d2, Discipline d6/Leadership d12/Morale d10, Guns d6, Influence d6/Administration d12/Barter d10/Negotiation d10/Marketing d10/Persuasion d10/Politics d10/Black Market Trends d10, Knowledge d6/History d10/Law d8,Perception d6/Empathy d10


Tuxedo, Derringer (d4 W)


Baron Otello is a self-made man who has risen to the highest heights of the Core world aristocracy from the humblest of beginnings. A quick search on the Cortex will tell you a Horatio Alger story about a penniless orphan who pulled himself up by his bootstraps to achieve both financial success and the respect of the nobility. What the Cortex won’t tell you is that he did so on the backs of many innocent, hard-working people, few of whom are still around to dispute the historical record.

Otello has maintained his standing in the ‘Verse by keeping a balance between favours owing and favours owed. He is politically well-connected, financially independent, and a social darling who hobnobs with members of Parliament and the Military Council as well as corporate magnates from across the ‘Verse.

He’s also neck-deep into any number of clandestine activities that help keep his pockets flush with coin and his standing with certain members of the underworld intact. Given the opportunity, he can become the consummate Deadly Enemy.

Baron Otello

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