Inspector Andre Clouet, Interpol Agent

A fisherman's son who enjoys reeling in the big fish.


Agi d8 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d8 Int d10 Wil d8

Initiative: d8 + d8

Life Points: 16

Traits – Friends in High Places (Minor asset), Loyal (Alliance) (Minor), Wears a Badge (Major), Overconfident

Skills – Covert d6/Stealth d8/Surveillance d10/disguise d8/streetwise d8, Guns d6/Pistols d10, Influence d6/Conversation d8/Interrogation d10/intimidation d10/Persuasion d8, Knowledge d6/Appraisal d8/History d8/Law d8, Linguist d6/French d12, Perception d6/Deduction d10/investigation d10/gambling d8, Planetary Vehicles d6, Unarmed Combat d6

Gear – Interpol ID badge, pistol, gilt cigarette case, Alliance-issue lighter, Baoding balls


Inspector Clouet was born on New Melbourne to a long line of fishermen, but he has done his best to pursue a career that does not involve gutting sturgeon. Since his childhood, he has been fascinated with solving puzzles – the more complicated, the better – and this naturally led him to a successful career in law enforcement as an agent of Interpol.

A sophisticated bureaucrat, Andre’s gift lies in disarming people with his warm, ironic conversational style, but make no mistake: when it comes to getting the job done, he is like a seagoing predator, guided by instincts honed to a knife edge.

He is content to let little fish dangle on the line, or go free, if he sees their value as bait to reel in the bigger fish. After all, he is a fisherman’s son.

He views his current mission, the search for a missing daughter of a prominent member of Parliament, as nothing more than a fahng-tzong fung-kwong duh jeh but it is his job to unwind it, and he may discover that it is the most complicated puzzle he’s ever had to solve.

Inspector Andre Clouet, Interpol Agent

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