Declan "The Deck" Jenner

The only thing you can guess about a broken down old man is that he is a survivor.


AGI – d8 STR – d4 VIT – d6 ALE – d8 INT – d8 WIL – d10

  • Initiative – d8+d8
  • Life Points – 16

Traits – Friends in High Places (Minor Asset), Highly Educated (Minor Asset), Leadership (Major Asset), Aged (Minor Complication), Friends in Low Places (Minor Complication)

Skills – Athletics d6, Discipline d6/Intimidation d10/Leadership d12/Morale d10, Covert d6/streetwise d12/tracking d10, Guns d6/pistols d8, Influence d6/Administration d12/Barter d10/Negotiation d10/Marketing d10/Persuasion d10/Politics d10/Black Market Trends d10, Knowledge d6/History d10/Law d12, Melee Weapon Combat d6, Perception d6/Empathy d10

Note – Treat Jenner’s Aged complication as you would Portly (minor), with a -2 step penalty to athletics-based actions. Jenner’s getting on in years.

Gear – Bluetooth headset, Moleskine dayplanner, fancy duds, baseball bat


Declan Jenner is Baron Otello’s principal private secretary and major domo. His upper-crust bearing belies his upbringing – he came up from nothing with Baron Otello, and is bound and determined to stay on top, whatever the cost.

Declan "The Deck" Jenner

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