Doctor Adrian Cutter

The doctor is in. Sane.


Agi – d8 Str – d6 Vit – d4 Ale – d8 Int – d12 Wil – d6

Life Points: 10

Initiative: d6 + d6

Traits – Branded, Credo, Leaky Brainpan, Forked Tongue

Skills – Discipline d6, Knowledge d6/pathogens d12/Alliance d10/police procedures d8, Influence d6/bureaucracy d12/politics d12/leadership d12, Perception d6/intimidation d10, Medical Expertise d6/bioweaponry d12/psychology d10/pharmaceuticals d10/neurology d8/virology d8, Covert d6/streetwise d12/undercover operations d10, Guns d6/pistols d12, Space Transports d6, Technical Engineering d6/computer operation d10/robotics d10, Planetary vehicles d6, Scientific Expertise d6/life sciences d12/biochemistry d12/biotechnology d12/chemistry d10


Dr. Adrian Cutter is a disgraced Alliance bioweapons expert who has been on the run for nearly a decade. His work crossed a line the Alliance’s Medical Elect wasn’t willing to endorse.

Cutter is wanted by the Alliance on charges of illegal trafficking in human beings, the use of outlawed chemical agents and violating ethical experimentation restrictions on live subjects.

He has amassed a shadowy network of followers to assist him in his grisly work.

Doctor Adrian Cutter

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