An undercover Federal Marshal who loves the limelight.


Agi – d6, Str – d8, Vit – d8, Ale – d8, Int – d8, Wil – d8

Life Points: 18 Initiative: d6 + d8.

Traits: Tough as Nails (Minor Asset), Wears a Badge (Minor Asset), Ego Signature

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d8, Covert d4, Discipline d6/Mental Resistance d10, Guns d6/Pistol d10/Assault Rifle d8, Knowledge d6/Military History d10, Perception d6/gambling d10, Tactics d12

Gear – headset microphone/camera, handcuffs, ID badge, stun pistol


The better-dressed of the two plainclothes Feds dispatched to collar fugitive Eric Whitaker, Gardner is a social climbing publicity hound who loves to make the evening Cortex reports with his antics.


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