An undercover Federal Marshal with a slight gambling problem


Agi – d6, Str – d8, Vit – d8, Ale – d8, Int – d8, Wil – d8

Life Points: 18 Initiative: d6 + d8.

Traits: Tough as Nails (Minor Asset), Wears a Badge (Minor Asset), Greedy, Hooked (gambling)

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d8, Covert d4, Discipline d6/Mental Resistance d10, Guns d6/Pistol d10/Assault Rifle d8, Knowledge d6/Military History d10, Perception d6/gambling d10, Tactics d12

Gear – Stun pistol, handcuffs, ID badge, deck of cards


Collins was one of two undercover Feds assigned with bringing fugitive Eric Whitaker to justice while he was aboard the Beaumonde Oceanic Limited. Collins wears rumpled plain clothes, and has a wee bit of a gambling problem.


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