Samara Salisbury

Whatever the opposite of a Cortex Spectre is, Samara's "it."


Agi – d8, Str – d6, Vit – d6, Ale – d8, Int – d6, Wil – d6

Life Points: 12 Initiative: d8 + d8

Traits: Allure, Moneyed Individual, Amorous, Memorable, Combat Paralysis (Minor Complication)

Skills: Influence d6/Seduction d8, Knowledge d6/media marketing d12, Performance d6/Nightclub Dancing d10/Singing d8


Samara Salisbury is a young aristocrat famous on thirty worlds for being, well, famous. Samara has pearly-white skin and light blonde hair, and the best body money can buy.

Currently, Salisbury and Alliance war hero Ivan Matthews have been seen in public together.

Samara Salisbury

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