Eric Whitaker

A man that's on the run is a dirty sun of a gun.


Agi – d6, Str – d6, Vit – d6, Ale – d10, Int – d12, Wil – d8

Life Points – 14

Initiative – d6 + d10

Traits: Friends in Low Places (Minor Asset), Coward (Minor Complication), Deadly Enemy – The Syndicate (Minor Complication), Soft (Minor Complication)

Skills: Athletics d4, Covert d6/Streetwise d8/Stealth d10, Guns – d2, Influence d6/ Negotiation d8/ Barter d8/ Bureaucracy d10, Knowledge d6/ Appraisal d8/ The Syndicate d10/ Black-Market Trends d12, Perception d6/gambling d8, Pilot d6, Planetary Vehicles d6, Technical Engineering d6

Gear – Eyetap Computer, snakeskin valise, 1,500 credits, derringer (d4W – Range 15 – Mag 2)


On the run from a very deadly enemy, Whitaker hopped aboard the Beaumonde Ocean Limited in the hopes of evading his pursuers.

Eric Whitaker

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