Denny Tan

Lounge Singer and Tong Leader. In that order.


Agi – d8 Str – d10 Vit – d8 Ale – d6 Int – d12 Wil – d10

  • Initiative – d8+d6
  • Life – 18

Assets: – Ego Signature [Minor], Friends in Low Places [Minor],Leadership [Major]

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d12, Covert d6/streetwise d12/stealth d10, Discipline d6/interrogation d12/negotiation d10/intimidation d10, Knowledge d6, Melee Weapon Combat d6/swords d10/knives d10, Perception d6/black market trends d10, Performance d6/dancing d10/singing d12, Unarmed Combat d6/Kung Fu d12


Denny Tan holds court at the Szechuan Noodle Supper Club in Stanton Gap on Athens, where he is the resident lounge singer, crooning the greatest hits of the ’Verse to an audience of appreciative fans.

He also happens to be the leader of the local chapter of the 14K Triad in Stanton Gap. It is said that the 14K controls everything in Stanton Gap not under the thumb of either the Alliance or Unified Reclamation, and quite a few things that are.

Tan takes it all in stride. He actually prefers to be in the spotlight night after night, singing and dancing, to his official duties.

Denny Tan

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