Test Subject

Any sympathy you might have for this creature's plight disappears the moment it starts gnawing on your insides.


AGI – d8 STR – d6 VIT – d10 ALE – d8 INT – d4 WIL – d10

Life Points – 24

Initiative – d8 + d8

Traits – Tough as Nails (Major Asset), Fightin’ Type (Major), Sadistic (Major Complication) Leaky Brainpan (Major Complication)

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d10, Covert d6/stealth d10, Discipline d6/intimidation d8, Melee Weapons d6/knives d10/clubs d8, Unarmed Combat d6/brawling d10

Weapons – Improvised bladed weapon (d6W), improvised club (d6B)


Nobody knows where these unfortunate souls came from. Perhaps they were slaves purchased on the invisible market, perhaps they were ordinary citizens kidnapped or otherwise bushwhacked, but at the end of the day they ended up as the property of rogue Alliance weapons researcher Adrian Cutter.

The details of Cutter’s experiments have not yet come to light, but as a result of his ministrations, his test subjects display an aggressor response increased beyond madness. If that sounds familiar, it should.

The batch of test subjects encountered by the crew of Shenmue had been stored naked inside cryo-pods while in transit, and never bothered to put any clothes on after their accidental release.

Test Subject

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