Teague Bowers

Bowers would be considered the brains of the operation, if this was a brains type of operation.


AGI – d8 STR – d8 VIT – d6 ALE – d8 INT – d8 WIS – d12

Life Points – 18

Initiative – d8 + d8

Traits – Amorous (minor complication), Credo (“A Deal’s a Deal!”)(major complication), Fightin’ Type (major asset), Friends in Low Places (minor asset), Greedy (minor complication), Leadership (minor asset), Overconfident (minor complication),

Skills – Animal Handling d6/animal training d12+d4/riding d10, Discipline d6/leadership d8, Guns d6/pistols d10/submachine-guns d10/shotguns d10, Influence d6/barter d8, Melee Weapon combat d6, Perception d6/gambling d8, Survival d6/land survival d8

Weapons – Pistol (d6W, 8 shots) MP-40 Grease Gun (d6W, 60, 3 (35))

Gear – Plate Vest (4W, -1 AGI)


Teague Bowers is a man of honour who has let his dark side get the better of him. That would explain how he fell in with a group like the Sundeen Seven. One might consider him the brains of the operation, except sadly the Sundeen Seven isn’t exactly a brains kind of organization.

Teague was last seen fleeing the scene of a bloody shootout in Persephone’s Eavesdown Docks.

As far as anyone knows, Mr. Bowers is the last living member of the Sundeen Seven.

Teague Bowers

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