Sheriff Ellis Dayton

A square-jawed frontier lawman.


AGI – d4 ALE – d6 STR – d6 INT – d8 VIT – d10 WIL – d8

Initiative – d10 + d6 Life Points – 18

Traits – Nose for Trouble, Wears a Badge, Loyal, Fightin’ Type

Skills – Athletics d6/Dodge d12, Covert d6/Surveillance d8/Streetwise d10, Guns d6/Pistol d10/Rifle d10, Knowledge d6/Tracking d10, Unarmed combat d4


A lean, intense-looking man who wears a permanent scowl accentuated by the squarest of square jaws, Dayton is what passes for the law in Evans City. He’s a contract employee of a private security firm paid by the Alliance to police the ass end of Three Hills, but doesn’t resent his remote posting. Running down the occasional cattle rustler is a damn sight easier than his previous line of work as a bounty hunter.

Sheriff Ellis Dayton

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